AngoVest was founded in 2019 by Daniel Capuia, in Portland, Oregon. After years of attending investment briefings, it became evident that investors in the Pacific Northwest and around the US had a strong desire to invest in one of Africa’s emerging markets – Angola. AngoVest was an inspiration of close collaboration with the Office of Dir. of US Commercial Services in Portland, the Angolan Consulate Office in Los Angeles, California, the World Oregon and the local Chamber of Commerce.

To this end, AngoVest has engaged interested investors, predominantly in the US, to showcase their areas of expertise in Angola.   

After gaining independence from Portugal in 1975, a civil war ensued in Angola that would last approximately three decades. It caused conflict between the Angolan government supported by the Soviet Union and Cuba on one hand and UNITA rebels supported by South Africa and the US Government on the other. The war ended in 2002. Circa 2002 up until current, the Angolan government invested predominantly in the oil sector with about 90% of Angolan revenues coming from the oil industry. The government attempted to diversify its economy but was shy in adopting policies that attracted investors to Angola. With the election of President João Lourenço in September of 2017, came a renewed commitment to expand economic investments. The administration placed emphasis on areas of the economy to include agriculture, higher education, mining, telecommunications, production and distribution of electric energy, basic sanitation, solid waste and collection and treatment, clothing and footwear, construction, energy, tourism, forestry, animal husbandry and other sectors. Laws have also been implemented and adjusted to house these economic initiatives.

AngoVest facilitated Oregon’s first official business trip to Angola under the Joao Lourenceo’s administration. In December 2018, the Oregon delegation met with pertinent government and business entities in Angola to include The Ministry of Business, Dept of Promotion Investment and Export, Angolan American Chamber of a Commerce and Minister of Agriculture.

Angola is at a pivotal juncture in its developmental/growth phase and AngoVest welcomes you to thoughtfully participate in exploring mutual economic benefit between Oregon, the United States and Angola to deliver core infrastructural projects in Angola